** NEW CLASS – I will be starting a new class called Swing and Tone, starting Tuesday 28th January at Kingsland Church 1-2:30pm! Come along for a free taster session. For more details click here **

I’m Sarah Daltrey. I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 14 years and providing massage treatments for over 8 years. I currently work in Layer de la Haye & Colchester.

I strongly believe in a personal, tailored approach for every client, and even when I teach a class, I watch each individual and make sure their needs are met.

I am very passionate about teaching and I have many years of experience of dealing with a wide variety of injuries and conditions.

I also offer Acupuncture as part of massage treatments and make use of resisted stretches and mobilizations which offer a unique, gentle, but deeply effective means of releasing muscles and relieving pain.

I believe Pilates and massage treatments offer quicker recovery for the body and long term wellbeing for the person when used together.

I had my baby in 2019, and since then I have realised how important improving pelvic floor muscles is for getting back into an exercise regime. Therefore, I now offer personal 1 to 1 sessions on how to engage these muscles correctly. A class which includes gentle exercise and pelvic floor strengthening techniques will be on offer in the new year.

To get in touch please contact me on 07775843090 or foreverfit1@hotmail.co.uk